Dog Boarding

Your dog, at the pet spa, has their own personal indoor area with a private outdoor area.

Black Lab in Car

Each suite has a door to the outside patio, which is kept open all day to allow your pet to wander in and out as they please. At night, your pet is brought in and the doors are closed. We do vary from this schedule during extreme weather.

During extreme heat, extreme cold, or bad storms, we keep everyone in and allow them access to their patio area at least four times a day. This is for their safety during extreme weather conditions.

They will enjoy daily playtime (View More Happy Boarders) with one of our staff. Playtime activities vary according to what your dog enjoys doing; we can play ball or other games, brush your dog, or just have an extended petting session. Bring their favorite toy(s) to make them feel more at home. An elderly pet with limited abilities, no worries as we happily modify activities for their special needs.

Their bedding is changed daily, they enjoy nutritious dining and treats and lots of love and personalized attention. You may bring any personal items that you wish for your pet to have during their stay with us. Often pets are more comfortable being boarded if they have something that smells like home. We do ask that you not bring any items that are irreplaceable, as items are sometimes chewed or destroyed. If you are not comfortable leaving anything with your pet, we have plenty of bedding, bowls, and toys in the play areas for them to enjoy during their stay with us.


Cost: $25 per night.

IN SEASON DATES - week before Easter thru Easter Monday; Memorial Day thru Labor Day; Thanksgiving week; and week before Christmas thru weekend after New Year's Day.

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