Most Often Asked Questions

  1. What can I bring?

    You may bring any personal items that you wish for your pet to have during their stay with us. Often, pets are more comfortable being boarded if they have something that smells like home. We do ask you not bring any items that are irreplaceable, as items are sometimes chewed or destroyed. If you are not comfortable leaving anything with your pet, we have plenty of bedding, bowls, and toys in the play areas for them to enjoy during their stay with us.

  2. What vaccination as are needed?

    Dogs – Current Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella vaccines
    Cats – Current Rabies and FRCP vaccines

  3. What kind of medications can you administer?

    We will administer oral, topical, and injectable medications as closely as possible to your pet's regular schedule. There is no additional fee for this service at this time. We encourage you to bring any medications that are given regularly and only as needed so we can make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.

  4. What if there is an emergency?

    In this event, every effort will be made to take your pet to their listed veterinarian and of course, you will be called immediately. If your vet is unavailable, we will take them to one of the ones the pet spa uses.

  5. Do I need to bring my pet's food?

    We feed twice a day, in the morning and evening. If your dog needs more frequent meals, this can be arranged. We encourage you to bring your pet's regular food as it makes it less likely your pet will have any digestive upset if they continue their regular diet. We can store food that requires refrigeration and can also heat food if necessary.

    If you choose not bring your pet's regular food:

    • Dogs are fed 4Health Salmon & Potato
    • Cats are fed a mix of dry and wet food, unless another diet is brought from home
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